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9341185_163415177131_2.jpg Changchun is located in northeast China, jilin province in central, is the capital of jilin province. This is a young and beautiful city. Since 1800 the qing government set changchun hall here, changchun, only 190 years of history. In the qing dynasty years, changchun as the Middle East railway station of tsarist Russia invaded. After "9 · September 18th incident in 1931, changchun have become the puppet manchukuo, called" new Beijing ". Changchun winter long summer, short spring and autumn is not long. Extreme temperatures of minus 36.5 ℃, January average temperature 17 ℃ below zero - minus 19 ℃, the summer day temperature difference is bigger. Changchun city wide streets, green trees and colorful. Urban street intersections with a round square. In the streets and squares, such as fir, beauty pine trees, different styles of buildings and small courtyard of the villa in the set off of it, like the past street garden. Korean dance has distinctive national characteristics and style. Changchun, the northeast is the leading producer of the triple gem.
Southeast development zone is located in changchun city, changchun city net month moon lake in changchun, with national key scenic spots within their respective jurisdictions, projected a century city, the northeast tigers garden, net month ski resort, set up new lake resort, set up new lake national water conservancy scenic spot, vast area of 478.7 square kilometers, of which water Lin with a total area of 243 square kilometers. Is a famous leisure resort area.
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